Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Price of Freedom

This cartoon hangs balanced between two dominant paradigms of software development.

Free software doesn't mean gratis. It's meant as in 'freedom.' The nobility of this movement is not questioned. But the claim that it's the only graceful way to do software business is looking for sufficient takers.

Richard Stallman would have us believe that the meaning of freeness is enclosed within the strict definition of FSF. I feel, the freedom lies partly in the way we define it too.

On the other hand, the fact that there's such a huge number of great programmers contributing to the movement is a proof that it's not all about money. Freeness is here to stay, in running it, modifying it, sharing it redistributing it, and in defining 'freedom' too.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IP gone too far!

This cartoon is about how far the arguments about intellectual properties can be taken. What things qualify as good candidates for being covered through IP rights? Yes, 'some significant idea' you would say!

I would say, they should also be 'not so significant.' Fundamental theories of science never got covered by such laws and litigations. Had they been, the course of scientific development would have been quite different than what we see. No way to tell whether for the worse or for the better.

It's a traditional wisdom to think of researchers as loners. Not absolutely incorrect too. But the lonesomeness of a creature who is, on the average, more intelligent than most would strike as rather queer to the curious. Why does the creature with a beautiful mind seek the little window of the cyberspace to communicate with the rest of the world? This question can be approached from various angles: biological, sociological, philosophical...perhaps historical and anthropolical too!

But the above cartoon just intends to make you smile because one time or another, we all are like the above character! I often am. :)