Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Way Out

I had come here, young, jittery and full of dreams. I thought I was the most brilliant little kid in this world. Fame and fortune 'just' a PhD away from me!

'Just' a PhD!

For how many of us has PhD turned out to be more elusive than expected?!
What exactly was the point?!

Laapataa says Hi to you!

Hi! I'm that run'o'the-mill Indian researcher for you -- shabby, absent-minded...lost! Laapataa!!

On record, I'm working towards a PhD or at least a PG in one of the premier institutes. On record, I'm learned. On record, I'm respectable. On record, I'm going to end up in a position which -- again 'on record' -- matters a lot to the society!

Off record? I'm a lot more -- and a lot less -- off record!
I have a lot to tell you, and a lot to know from you, about myself. Please tell me!